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Submersible Sewage Pumps (SP Series)

SP Submersible Sewage Pumps are mainly used to pump waste, sewage and mud with solids for municipal, industrial waste-treatment plants and dewatering at construction sites. They exhibit excellent performance due to an impeller with a single or double blockage-free vane, which avoids jamming and clogging. They are very convenient to install; a quick disconnect, portable version of this pump is available.

A fully automatic control system for protection and signal output is available for easy central monitoring, making this pump convenient to control. These pumps have excellent reliability, with functions of leakage monitoring, overheating protection and overload protection, etc.

Technical Data

  • Speed: 740 - 2840 RPM.
  • Discharge Dia.: 1-= - 24 inches (40 - 600 mm).
  • Flow rate:  44 - 16,600 GPM (10 - 3750 m3/H).
  • Head:  16 - 184 feet (5 - 56 m).
  • Power:  2.0 - 335 HP (1.5 - 250 kW).
  • Power source: 380v, 50Hz.
  • Maximum temperature: +140:F (60:C) 
  • Allowable solids dia.: approx. 1/3 of discharge dia.
  • Start version: Direct-start or thyristor-soft-start.

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