Multistage centrifugal pump Pump model MDH,MDE,MDV

MDV, MDE,MDH series multistage pumps utilize a modular design concept which maximizes component interchange ability. As such, multiple design configurations can be engineered to meet customers requirements without compromise to repair parts inventories.

Close radial type impeller designed for casing wear rings on both sides. Axial thrust is minimized by balance holes for minimum bearing loads and maximum bearing lifetime. Diffusers separated from stage casings, easily exchangeable. Balanced radial forces, minimum shaft deflection, minimum vibrations.

Pump can be with more than one discharge-mulioutlet design Multistage pump in multi-outlet design can be fitted with a random number of discharge branches. The pumps are mostly used in fire fighting application to serve different pressure levels Multi-oulet configurations are available for all horizontal and vertical MD designs.


  • Water supply
  • Booster system
  • Irrigation
  • Fire fighting
  • Cooling circuits
  • Boiler feed
  • Condensate

2.Handles liquid

  • Pure as well as slightly contaminated media
  • Cold and hot water
  • Oil suspensions
  • Caustic solutions Brine